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Acquisition Advisors consults on the purchase and sale of mid-size U.S. companies.
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Acquisition Advice in Tulsa


Acquisition Advisors consults on the purchase, sale and valuation of small and mid-size U.S. companies.

We love sell-side engagements. Nobody deserves a nice payday more than the private business owner. Buy-side representation is fun and rewarding as well. Buyers have one chance to get it right.

Our clients are located throughout the United States. Our buyers come from all over the world. We’ve done deals with parties from Taiwan, The Netherlands and Italy, for example.

If you are the owner of a company and would like to sell your business to your employees, we can help you make it happen.

No matter the size of your deal, call us at 918-748-7995. Our business is serving you in a confidential and professional manner. You can also email us at

Buyer Assistance

Buying a business is a detailed, time-consuming process that demands expert consultation and advice. Acquisition Advisors provides those services and much more to its buyer clients – companies, business owners or investors who want to acquire a firm with annual sales between $5 million and $100 million. Depending on the buyer’s needs, Acquisition Advisors provides a full acquisition search or acquisition assistance.

Full Acquisition Search
In these cases, we develop a tailored acquisition strategy that considers the strategic fit and ideal profile of companies that you should acquire. We examine the type of industry, revenue range, employee count, cash flow, location, valuation, management capabilities and integration risks.

We search for companies through our vast network of business owners, private-equity groups, fund managers, investors, industry associations and other relevant sources. The result is a diverse pool of qualified buyer candidates.

Our services include strategy development, completion of due diligence and working to ensure a timely, successful acquisition and integration plan.

Our client’s identity is not revealed to potential acquisition targets until or unless the client approves of the targeted company.

Acquisition Assistance
If you have already identified a company to acquire, you can engage Acquisition Advisors on an hourly basis to assist in approaching, qualifying, valuing, appraising and completing the transaction.

We devise a plan to support your ownership requirements, locate sources of equity and debt to finance the purchase. We manage the due diligence process, execute purchase agreements and complete the deal, including post-closing adjustments.

In every case, you benefit from professional and confidential advice.

To learn more about buying a business, contact us at 918-748-7995. You can also email us and let us know how we should contact you confidentially.

Seller Assistance

Selling a business can be an extremely complicated and stressful process. That’s why Acquisition Advisors – with a staff of expert M&A Advisors – is here to serve you.

We provide expertise to owners of privately held businesses who are considering selling their company. We research, analyze and prepare your business for sale and then confidentially market your firm to leading strategic company buyers, relevant financial buyers and private-equity groups. Due to our extensive buyer network, 80 percent of our seller clients close deals with buyers they did not know previously.

Our goal is to obtain a range of competitive bids and deal structures for you to consider. At that point, we use our negotiating strength as professional dealmakers to get the transaction completed with your preferred buyer.

Your engagement with Acquisition Advisors provides you with a full advisory service from leading business experts. These are people who have earned MBA degrees from top business universities, have extensive business sale transaction experience, and are dedicated to the successful sale of your company.

To us, a successful deal is one that allows you – the business owner – to receive the highest value possible for your company.

If your business annually books revenue in excess of $1 million and earns consistent profits, we’ll provide a free market value estimate.

As we move forward with the sale of your company, we provide you with:

  • Business appraisal and valuation
  • Proprietary list of more than 3,000 strategic and financial buyers.
  • Professional business review and executive summary
  • Financial recasting and accounting
  • Benchmarking analysis of your industry

  • Current industry research and analysis
  • International transaction experience
  • Data on recent, comparable purchase and sale transactions
  • Extensive library of articles that focus on selling and valuing companies
  • Hard work and commitment of our staff

Management Buyout

Management buyout (MBO) often involve a group of employees who want to acquire all or part of the company they operate.

In some cases, the owner or owners approach the management team because they are contemplating retirement and want to leave the business in capable hands.

Acquisition Advisors guides the parties through the buyout process. We set up the financial structure of the deal, determine fair market value, identify key financial partners, conduct due diligence and keep the business relationships intact so the deal is successful.

An MBO can be attractive to the seller for many reasons, including strategic considerations, confidentiality, familiarity and speed. With an MBO, the seller is usually more comfortable releasing confidential information to people he/she knows and trusts. An MBO also allows the seller to continue dealing with a management team that it has an established relationship with. In addition, an MBO usually results in a quicker deal than typical business purchase transactions, allowing the seller to move on with future plans.

Typical reasons for purchase of a business by its existing management team include:

  • Certain parts of an organization no longer are seen as core areas of the business.
  • A company is in financial distress and needs cash.
  • Parts of acquisitions are not wanted.

  • In a family business, succession issues involve the owner’s retirement.
  • The management team stands to gain independence, autonomy and a chance to influence the strategy and future direction of the company and the prospect of a capital gain.


If you want to know the value of your business, call Acquisition Advisors.

We regularly perform appraisals in a variety of industries, and what sets us apart from many desktop appraisers is that we actually do deals. That is, we have continuous, firsthand knowledge of what businesses are actually being bought and sold for.

We use three main techniques:

> Income Approach
> Asset Approach
> Market Approach

Depending on the particular company, market conditions and industry, we weight the valuation toward one or more of these methodologies. We also consider the purposes of the valuation.

You can choose the report type that best suits your needs:

> verbal valuation report
> written summary valuation
> full written appraisal and valuation

Whichever you choose, your report will comply with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice.

If you want to sell your business and it generates revenues in excess of $5 million or earnings in excess of $1 million, you can receive a free market value estimate.

  • Do you want to sell to the highest bidder or are you leaving the business in the hands of family?
  • Do you want to sell to a private-equity firm and retain partial ownership of the company and stay involved in the day-to-day operations?
  • Do you want out completely to satisfy other life desires?

Pre-Sale Planning

A private business owner wants the highest value possible for his company when they decide to sell.

But before selling you may want to take specific actions to enhance your company’s value so you can earn a greater return on your investment when the business sells.

We examine each of these issues and help you gain clarity on actions that need to be taken to increase your company’s overall value.

In addition, we use risk management and strategic planning tools to help our clients optimize and enhance their company value. We examine various options that you, the business owner, have at your disposal to make your business worth more.

We offer value enhancement recommendations and then it is up to you to make the final decision.

Some of the main drivers of business value include:

  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Company Vision
  • Customer Focus
  • Protected Brands

Learn More

To learn more, contact us at 918-748-7995.

or contact us through our Contact Page.