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The Ideal Speaker for Your Next Conference

Business Advisors in Tulsa

“David Perkins was great. He has an impressive bio,

and The Business Owner Journal is a great publication,

so we invited him to speak. He surpassed

our expectations. Great with the group and very

practical advice on a topic of interest to our members.

We’ll definitely have him back.”

John Vrabec


Divesture Exit Advice

“Our client loved it!”

Nora Harding, Vice President of Marketing

Bank of Oklahoma

Acquisition selling strategy

“A really great seminar for our business owners.”

Paul Walenciak

The Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence

Business strategy development

“Really knows how to relate

to the audience and help them

understand the key concepts.”

Jeff Rambach, Partner

Doerner, Saunders, Daniel and Anderson, LLP

Sell your business

“Extremely valuable for our mentors.”

Dennis Currington

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)

David L. Perkins, Jr.

If you want to find a dynamic speaker for a group of business owners, or professionals who serve business owners, look no further. David Perkins consistently receives high marks for the wisdom he shares on topics related to the purchase, sale and valuation of small and mid-size companies. He is a trained and experienced public speaker, Managing Director of Acquisition Advisors, former commercial lender and real estate broker, twenty-year veteran of the business brokerage/mergers and acquisitions industry, business valuation analyst, successful serial investor (angel, established businesses, real estate, oil and gas, and public securities), award-winning author; and private pilot.

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(2 to 3 hours)

Topics include:

  • Why business valuation is confusing and misunderstood
  • The primary valuation methods
  • Goodwill and blue sky
  • Value drivers and how to enhance the value of your business
  • Barriers to marketability
  • How and when to recast the financial statements
  • Buyer types
  • What small and midsize private businesses sell for (price and terms)
  • How to check value conclusions for reasonableness

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(2 to 3 hours)

Topics include:

  • Buyer/Investor types. Who they are and what they want
  • Which buyer/investor type is the best fit for you
  • What they can bring to the table (in addition to money)
  • Mistakes business owners make dealing with suitors
  • Pricing and deal structures that can be expected
  • How to maximize the value of your business
  • The typical deal process
  • Recent transactions in your industry

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Seminar C


(1.5 to 2.5 hours)

Topics include:

  • Where and how to find acquisition candidates
  • How to evaluate opportunities
  • Steps of an efficient acquisition process
  • Mistakes buyers make
  • Recasting financial statements
  • What’s a fair price?
  • How to check value conclusions for reasonableness
  • Smart deal structure
  • Debt finance terms you can expect

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