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30 Mar Success, Happiness, is Not for Wimps

The business world is tough.  Life is tough.

Success is not gained by wimps.  Happiness is not bestowed on wimps.  Success and happiness is found when one has the courage to face reality, embrace truth, admit fault and accept blame (publicly and privately), defend and protect oneself, take risk, accept failure, and get up and fight and try again.  Let’s add the willingness to walk away when the deal is not good or the situation is not healthy.

Importantly though, “business and life is tough” does not mean that business and life cannot be wonderful.  Beautiful.  Fulfilling.  It’s just not for the faint of heart.  It’s not for persons that are easily wounded;  offended;  deterred.

And there is no element here of the need to be angry, ruthless or cut throat.  The sports world provides great examples.  You can have the fierce competitive spirit of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan and win big and also be a gentleman or woman.

At Acquisition Advisors, we don’t hire wimps.  It’s one of our core principles.  Life’s too short to hang out with wimps.  They’re too high maintenance.  They quit when the going gets tough.  You have to read their minds to know what they want, think and feel because they’re too wimpy to tell you straight up.

Winning companies are built from courageous leaders that hire talented and “strong” people to carry out the mission.

Winning teams cannot be crafted from a band of wimps.

Winning deals cannot be crafted when fear plays a leading role.

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