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26 Feb Look Around: You’re a Bigger Fish Now

Times are tough. Business is slow for everyone. But for small-business owners, life has gotten a lot better. How so?

Well, you’re a much bigger fish than you were six months ago. Two years ago. Right? Think about it.

Talented vendors such as PR firms, creative agencies and software developers didn’t care much about you when times were good. They were slammed with work and naturally paid the most attention to their big clients. But things have changed. I’m amazed at how specialists seem so much more interested in talking to smaller firms now.

In our case, they seem much more genuinely interested in talking to us now, in sitting down with us to understand our business and figure out how they can help us, for a fee, of course. For the past three or four years — when times were good for everyone — I really think that the exceptionally talented and sought-after specialists would not even bother with smaller firms like ours. We just did not have the buying power. Have you ever felt this way?

But things have changed. These firms don’t have nearly as much work on their plates. As a result, they’re much more interested in just about any business they can get. So now might be a great time for you and me to get the help we need. To secure the top-shelf talent that’d be your #1 pick to get a job done right — and of course, at a much more reasonable price. Yes, the bargaining power has shifted from them to us, from vendor to customer.

In our case, we need some good creative talent to help us update this publication, bring it into the digital age and improve the value proposition for our readers as well as our private-label clients. We could use an updated look and a strategy for making it easier for business owners to find on the Web. A project like this takes some very smart minds. We’ve had our eye on a firm that would be great for the job, but it has a blue-chip clientele and frankly has not shown a lot of interest in helping us — until lately. Thanks to the recession (at least that’s what I attribute it to), it has really focused on helping us. I’m very thankful that we are now getting some top-shelf assistance to help our business grow. Oh, yes, and at a reasonable price.

Maybe you’re in a similar position?

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