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Selling or buying a company? Acquisition Advisors’ experience spans many industries: manufacturing, distribution, energy, industrial services, petrochemicals, automotive, banking, software, technology, staffing, agriculture, food, retail, consumer goods and service industries.
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M&A Market Update

Recent Private Business Sale Price Data

A private M&A research firm that tracks private U.S. business purchase/sale transactions in the $10 million to $250 million transaction size range – a size and type that has historically been underreported - recently released its analysis of 2015 year-to-date transactions. As usual, size matters. Larger...

Interesting Developments in M&A Marketplace!

By all accounts, debt financing seems to be amply available and rising in the amount extended for business acquisitions in the United States. Debt financing – for deals completed in the $10 to $250 million transaction value range – rose to 57% in the second...

Lower Middle Market M&A Update – Spring 2014

“Prices being paid are up, actually,” says David Perkins, Managing Director of Acquisition Advisors. “The number of closings is a fraction of what it was in 2012, but those that do sell are getting very competitive prices,” he continues....