Acquisition Advisors | Perkins to Introduce William D. Cohan, Bestselling Author and Wall Street Banker
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08 Oct Perkins to Introduce William D. Cohan, Bestselling Author and Wall Street Banker

Reserve your seat complements of Acquisition Advisors. All eyes will be on William D. Cohan at noon on October 15 when the former Wall Street banker and author of House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street takes the stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Many questions remain about what exactly caused the collapse of the financial markets and the economy. Mr. Cohan will provide the answers.

“This is a must not miss,” said David Perkins, Managing Director of Acquisition Advisors. “William Cohan is not only the bestselling author of the bestselling book on the recent crash of the financial markets, he’s imminently qualified to speak on the subject,” Perkins continued. “He’s a Wall Street insider, having occupied the corner office at none other than Merrill Lynch, Lazard Frères and JPMorgan Chase.”

The event is sponsored by the Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business and is a part of the Tulsa Business Forums series. David Perkins will be introducing Mr. Cohan.  The location is the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Lunch will be served and the event will adjourn around 1:30. Tickets are limited. Call Oklahoma State University at 866-678-3933 or Acquisition Advisors at 918-748-7995 for more information. You call also reserve a seat complements of Acquisition Advisors, while supplies last.

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