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17 Jan Fear Cripples. Knowledge Liberates, Enables New Possibilities

Do you agree that things are just grim of late?

A plane goes down in New York’s Hudson River. Another tragedy in a world of hardship.

What? Everyone survived!? Oh, dear goodness. The joy in this outcome.

Should I feel guilty that I ponder whether more people might fear flying? That some will succumb to their fear and fly less?

Think about it — flight is nothing less than a modern miracle. Liberating. Time-saving. Globe-shrinking.

Flight brings loved ones closer. Erodes geographic divisions. Fosters understanding and compassion, which can even avert war. Flight expands the possible in business, humanitarian aid, etc. Like free trade, flight— because of the in-person communication it enables— raise all boats.

People who let fear block their use of air travel suffer very real loss. Those around them suffer, too, in very real ways. And so the predicament is an affliction. A debilitating disease.

I guess that if I think about it, it’s people with lesser amounts of formal education who tend to suffer from this affliction (based on my own encounters).

Why would this be? My hypothesis is that this demographic tends to rely less on logic and fact and more on gut instinct and other surrogates for logic-based decision making (i.e., custom, tradition, religion, superstition, voodoo, etc).

An investigation of the facts reveals that flying is incredibly safe. Studies reveal that you’re 22 times more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash*. In fact, you have a greater chance of winning the lottery than dying in a plane crash (assuming you play the lottery).

What does this have to do with business sales, mergers and acquisitions (the subject of this blog, my passion and our business)? Well, there is a tie-in.

Sellers of quality businesses often let fear shrink the options available to them. This may be hard for you to believe because most business owners don’t suffer from  lack of confidence. But take my word for it. And the effects are felt well beyond the business owner and his or her family. For example, it can have a devastating effect on employees— and this is no trivial matter.

I’ll elaborate on this in my next post.

*source: a comprehensive study conducted in 2002 by Boeing.

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