Acquisition Advisors | New White Paper Reveals 6 Insider Tips To Know Before Selling Your Business
Selling or buying a company? Acquisition Advisors’ experience spans many industries: manufacturing, distribution, energy, industrial services, petrochemicals, automotive, banking, software, technology, staffing, agriculture, food, retail, consumer goods and service industries.
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05 Mar New White Paper Reveals 6 Insider Tips To Know Before Selling Your Business


David Perkins, founder of Acquisitions Advisers outlines 6 keys to selling a business and maximizing sale price.

TULSA, Oklahoma, February 5, 2015 – David Perkins, founder of Acquisition Advisors, a firm specializing in the purchase and sale of mid-sized US companies, has released a new white paper designed to help business owners garner the highest possible sale price when they decide it’s time to sell.

The white paper, “6 Insider Tips Every Business Seller Should Know Before Selling Your Business” provides insight into:

  • How to maximize sale price by working with multiple buyers
  • The importance of providing accurate historical data to potential buyers
  • Be open to offering some seller financing
  • The need to be realistic in establishing a fair sale price
  • Why you might not want to sell to a competitor
  • Why you should never represent yourself in a transaction

“Business owners have devoted untold time, money and energy in building their business.  But selling their business is an entirely different ballgame than operating one.  I have put together these 6 insider tips to help the business owner maximize the sale value of their life’s work,” said David Perkins, founder of Acquisition Advisors.  We specialize in helping business owners who have decided it makes strategic sense to sell. We add value to the process by ensuring the absolute maximum sale price is achieved.”

“There are a number of significant steps that ensure that a sale of a business goes smoothly and profitably.”  Perkins said.  “There is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. I enjoy working with business owners in an ethical and professional manner to make sure the process is successful for all parties involved.”

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About Acquisition Advisors

Acquisition Advisors is a consulting service specializing in sell-side engagements. Their purpose is to work with the owners of mid-sized US companies with a market value ranging from $5 million to $100 million who wish to sell their businesses, with the goal of quietly achieving the highest possible sales price.  Their sellers are from all over the country, and their buyers are from all over the world. On multiple occasions, Acquisition International (AI) Magazine, has named Acquisition Advisors the U.S. Mid-Size M&A Firm of the Year.

For more information about Acquisition Advisors, visit, or call (918) 748-7995.

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