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12 Oct Perkins Sells Interest in National M&A Firm

Published in The Tulsa Business Journal
on 10/12/2007
Written by Tulsa Business Staff

David L. Perkins, Jr. announced today that he has sold his interest in Vercor, the merger and acquisitions advisory firm that he co-founded in 2000.

Vercor currently has 10 U.S. offices a European office. Perkins says he has no interest in getting out of the M&A advisory business, rather will be launching a new firm with a different business model.

“Although it’s tough to leave this great group of professionals, I have to follow my heart … which is to develop a new firm that serves the market in what I believe will be an even more compelling way,” Perkins continued.

Perkins’ new business will take the name of an M&A firm he founded 10 years ago — Acquisition Advisors. Perkins said that the target market will be similar to Vercor’s – buyers and sellers of businesses valued between $7 million and $75 million.

“Demand for world class transaction expertise for deals under $100 million in value is considerable”, says Perkins, “ … and there are not many that really understand the game … from soup to nuts”, Perkins added.

Acquisition Advisors will serve this market throughout the U.S., in domestic and international transactions.

“Helping business owners get the very most for their business … or find the right strategic partner … is part art and part science. It’s complex. But the value we can add is substantial. The right deal, or partner, can really make a meaningful contribution to a business owner, his or her family, and to the employees that have a stake in the future success of a business.”

David L. Perkins, Jr. is a native Tulsan. He attended Bishop Kelley High School, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He also owns, through D. L. Perkins, LLC, a publication called The Business Owner Journal which gives how-to advice to over 30,000 private business owner subscribers.

Perkins says he has closed well over $100 million in transactions so far in 2007.

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